At Head First Fitness we are dedicated to making fitness fun, challenging, and accessible to as many people as possible. In that spirit we have several high intensity cardio classes available. Participate like never before with reduced stress to your joints you can push yourself to new limits. We have several fun and challenging options available. 

Group Fitness Classes  

Bungee Intro REQUIRED: This is your first stop. This class is where we will teach you spatial awareness, trust in the system, proper fitting, and basic movements that you will see in class. Bungee Fitness is a unique brand of resistance training and being acclimated is important to your safety, and ensuring you are ready to have fun! Check out our intro 2 for $20 offer. This gives you your intro and another class of your choice for $20!! 

·    Learn trust in system  

·    Understanding basic movements 

·    Proper fitting and equipment setup 

·    Have Fun!

Bungee Techniques

Have you seen a million-bungee fitness Tik Tok’s? In Bungee Techniques we break down and teach you moves from beginner to advanced. Be ready to take to the air and fly with us. Learn multi exercise combos that are mixed between regular and aerial movements. We call these Movement Chains. Bungee Techniques is a moderate paced class that is focused on fun and creativity. We love teaching you fun movement, but we also think people thrive when they get to be a part of the community. We let you be a part of the creative process and bring ideas you want to try with you.  

·    Learn movement and movement chains from basic to advanced  

·    Gain new skills and a deeper understanding of potential movements  

·    Learn over time to participate in a high intensity movement-chain based class  

·    Be a part of developing movements and trying new things 

Bungee Strong

This class is a strength training class with many well-known exercises, dumbbells, resistance bands, and programming designed to target strength. This class is excellent to add to your weekly cardio classes. Resistance training is an important part of a good fitness regimen. Ensuring you are using proper form and technique is important. That is why we love group fitness classes because they give you a chance to work out with others while still having a trainer present to guide the workout and give alignment info in real time.  

·    Resistance and strength training 

·    Better understand proper form and execution of common exercises  

·    Increased muscle tone  

·    Increased strength 

Bungee Dance Fit

Keeping things fun and engaging is our goal. We want our clients to fall in love with fitness and have FUN while getting fit.  
Our dance fit class is a high paced and fun high intensity class. Come shake it with our dance fit instructor.  
· High intensity fun  
· Learn choreographed movements  
· Challenging and fun to keep you engaged  

Bungee Penalty Box

If you are looking for a fun, fast-paced, high intensity class then our bungee Penalty Box class is for you. Come work out with our certified Penalty Box trainers and push yourself to your limits.  

This class is high intensity, mixed movement class. You might spend 1 minute doing Mtn. Climber pushups and then spend another time flying and diving. All while reducing the stress to your joints and having a blast. 

·    High intensity  

·    Burn 500+ Calories  

·    7 minutes of movement to rest period  

·    Mixed movements for a total body workout

Bungee Stretch

Looking to increase flexibility or workout some of that muscle fatigue? This is a slow based class focused on traditional and non-traditional stretching techniques. We mix static and dynamic movements with target specific goals in mind to give you a great routine. We place these classes at the tail end of our schedules because many clients like to go from a workout to a stretch class for a cool down.  

·    Increased flexibility  

·    Strength gains  

·    Deepen your understanding of movement  

·    Challenge yourself by gradually taking more from the bungee and giving move to your body